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We provide comprehensive, high-quality landscaping services and synthetic turf installation for commercial and residential properties across all Brisbane suburbs.

Our Brisbane landscaping services include:

  • Fencing
  • Rockwork
  • Water features
  • Subsoil drainage
  • Garden lighting
  • Soil profiles
  • Soil improvements for garden and turf areas
  • Pest control in lawns and garden
  • Natural play
  • Irrigation
  • Brick, block and concrete structures
  • Stone structures
  • Plants and their culture
  • Plant establishment
  • Erosion and sediment control
  • Landscape design
  • Creative garden art
  • Driveways

Residential Landscaping Brisbane:

Imagine an extra hour or two of relaxation time each weekend. By eliminating lawn maintenance, you can have this!

You can enjoy low maintenance synthetic grass installed, by the professionals, in your own backyard. This turf removes the need to mow, weed and fertilise your lawn; giving you back your precious free time. Another great thing about fake grass is that it looks stunning all year-round!

Brisbane’s weather can be highly unpredictable and harsh at times. However, our artificial grass is designed to be highly porous and weather resistant so you can have peace knowing that it can sustain a range of harsh weather conditions. 

We can also help refresh your property by maintaining, renewing, and embellishing your front and back yard. We can add new fencing, weed and pest management systems, natural play areas, and so much more to your outdoor space.


Commercial Landscaping Brisbane:

Having an appealing property is essential for businesses to attract new customers. We know that garden and lawn maintenance can be time consuming and difficult for business owners. Coastal Synthetic Turf can help! We offer unique landscaping designs and services to help make sure your commercial space stands out from the rest of the city buildings. 

Our artificial grass is quick and easy to install and requires very little maintenance. This means synthetic grass will also help you reduce costs associated with watering, fertilising, and mowing. 

Artificial turf also has a longer life expectancy than real grass, making it ideal for busy commercial spaces with high foot traffic. This makes fake grass perfect for outdoor areas, such as kindergartens, sports fields, and playgrounds. This is thanks to its soft feel, shock absorption, and lack of mess.

We are always ready to work with you.

Artificial Grass-2

Our Artificial Grass:

We supply and install our superior synthetic grass throughout Brisbane. Our artificial grass is reinforced with durable joining tape to ensure a strong and permanent seal along all join lines. 

Our synthetic grasses range from 28mm to 38mm in blade length, plus we also have an extra durable sports grass. All of our turf is designed to be as realistic as possible without all the painfully boring maintenance. Have artificial turf installed in your yard today and start enjoying all the benefits.

We offer competitive turf prices for all of our fake grasses and installation across Brisbane’s suburbs. With our turf ranging from $22 to $33 for 25 lineal metres, it’s highly affordable.  Your synthetic turf installation cost will depend on the size of your space, but we always keep our services competitive, reasonable and affordable.


Brisbane Sports Grass:

Our synthetic sports grass is the perfect base for all kinds of community sports grounds, and backyard play areas.

We design and manufacture our sports grass with use and performance in mind. It is made from ultra-durable and high performing fibres and has been tested to meet the highest performance standards required by international sporting bodies. Our sports grass is perfect for a wide range of sports making it ideal for Brisbane school campuses, community areas, and sports clubs.

Our synthetic turf offers the natural look and feel of real grass and the ability to shoot hoops without damaging your lawn. Similarly, our sports grass provides the perfect texture for a backyard putting green.

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