Basketball courts are becoming increasingly popular and can be found in most outdoor recreational areas these days. They promote a healthy and active lifestyle. A basketball court made out of synthetic turf has plenty of benefits and is the perfect addition to any school. 

The lessons taught in school have a lasting imprint on the mind. Whether it be through theoretical or hands-on learning. At Coastal Synthetic Turf we understand the importance of implementing hands-on learning within schools. We offer one of the safest options when it comes to installing a high-quality sports space within a school’s outdoor environment.

Safe For Students To Play

Sports such as basketball are notorious for causing injuries to students, especially when they are in the learning stages of playing sport. Therefore it is incredibly important that the basketball court surface is safe for students. High-quality artificial grass is known for lowering the impact of falls due to the soft surface. 

Versatility To Play Different Sports

When installing a synthetic grass basketball court in a school there is the option to create a multi-sport court. Allowing students to enjoy a multitude of different sports on the one sports surface. For example, the synthetic court flooring can double up as a running track, tennis court and many more. There is the option to design the lines marked when installing a basketball court to ensure a school makes the most of the space.

Develops Critical Thinking Skills

When on the court students begin calculating the distance between themselves and their opponent. Keeping time and discovering the best ways to pass the ball to the rest of the team. Basketball isn’t just about playing a game it helps to develop critical thinking skills. 

These skills can then be used outside of the court and set them up for a lifetime of success. Teaching discipline and helping the mind think faster for on the spot decisions. Every time the ball bounces on the court there is a wealth of knowledge being learnt by students.

From a safe place to play to offering versatility and helping to develop critical thinking skills, a synthetic basketball court is a positive addition to any school, serious about learning. At Coastal Synthetic Turf we have the optimum sized court for any outdoor area. If you would like to discuss the ideal basketball court or sporting space for your school send through an enquiry today.