Childcare centres are incredible for children’s learning and development. It is important to create a safe and enjoyable environment for children to play and learn. The installation of artificial grass can assist with providing a safe and well maintained outdoor play area for children.

Synthetic lawn has plenty of benefits for child care centres and is the ideal option to minimise the risk of outdoor play. These benefits include little maintenance, durability and safety. It is important to consider these factors when choosing what type of turf to install in your childcare centre.

The Optimum Day Care Centre Playground

When it comes to playgrounds in learning establishments such as child care and primary schools they need to be durable due to the heavy foot traffic throughout the day. When a centre opts for natural grass it gets worn very easily and has the potential to create an unsafe play space. 

Child care centres can be messy at the best of times and why add real grass to the list if you don’t have to. The cleanest, tidiest and best looking option is artificial turf for schools and child care centres. There are plenty of establishments choosing synthetic grass installation to avoid maintenance, mud, grass stains and heavy water usage.

Artificial Lawn Prevents Accidents And Allergies

When young children are exploring and learning outdoors it is no secret that they are prone to accidents. From grazes to cuts and bruises. If they have an accident an incident report is required to be provided to parents. 

Synthetic turf is known for its safety elements and preventing accidents. This is due to its soft and durable nature creating lower impact in the case of an accident. Therefore when a child falls the surface is safe and soft.

Fake turf is great for young children who suffer from grass allergies, as they are much less likely to have a reaction. There are also no chemicals used on fake grass, which is a lot safer for young children. Therefore they can enjoy the outdoors and learn through play without interruption from accidents or allergies. 

Coastal Synthetic Turf is the perfect option for child care centres due to the safety factors, durability and the low maintenance aspect. Contact our friendly team today if you have any questions about installing synthetic grass at your centre. 

At Coastal Synthetic Turf we understand the importance of creating a safe and aesthetically pleasing environment for children to play and develop that is why we recommend our synthetic turf for your outdoor play areas.